Horizon scanning - AI/ML in security products

New AI and autonomous technologies offer a potential step change in functionality of products and devices already used within protective security, as well as future applications we have not yet considered. As part of the UK Government's strategy to support the UK's innovations and developments in this technological area,  we are landscaping the current state of play of the implementation of AI/ML in CNI sectors and near term trends of the adoption of AI/ML into security products.

CPNI are keen to see that the capabilities of AI/ML are used to increase the performance of security products and that there is a valid and transparent approach to the evaluation and possible approval of such products. The purpose of this survey is to gain some insight into current and future application of AI/ML in security products and what kind of initiatives would be helpful to the industry.

The survey should only take about 10-15 minutes to complete and we will ask about up to two of your security products. Your response will be anonymous unless you choose to provide your contact details for a possible follow-up.

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